Terms and Conditions



Our recommendation is all files are distilled before submission. This requires printing to a postscript file from your relevant program and then running that as a postscript file through Acrobat Distiller. Doing this gives you an accurate preview of the output of your document you will be able to view any output errors. This also helps to attain smaller file sizes as your transparencies will be flattened. Top-Print will not be held responsible for any postscript/output errors if the supplied file has not been distilled.

File format accepted:

All files are required to be uploaded as a PDF/ Corel draw.


Make sure with full colour printing that your files have been converted to CMYK, all files that are supplied as RGB will be converted automatically and there may be a colour variation in the conversion.

Also ensure that there are no pantone colours present in your files, if there is these will also be converted to CMYK and may not match the expected PMS colour.

PMS Colour:

When submitting jobs for Pantone ink printing your file will need to be setup in the relevant inks that you would like the job printed in. If there are small sections in CMYK these may not appear on your final product even though they may appear the same on your computer screen. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to do colour separations /output preview check in Adobe Acrobat. This way you will be able to turn the relevant colours on and off to see if there are any parts of your document in unwanted colours. The best way to select Pantone colours is to use a Pantone swatch book. Make sure you write the required PMS colours on your print order.


Ensure all fonts are either embedded in your document or that you convert all fonts to outlines before submitting your file. If fonts aren’t embedded your product may output differently as we may not have that font on our system.

Trim (crop) marks:

Always include trim marks on your artwork (trim marks are the final size of your print job) and is the guide we use for finishing.


Ensure your document has 3mm bleed on the outside and ensure any borders, text or critical information is at least 3mm away from the edge of the trim line to allow for any slight trimming variance. Also make sure the artwork size and the size on the printing order is the same.


Ensure all images included in artwork are in 300dpi and all text and line work are in vector format or a minimum of 1200dpi.

Colour Variation/Matching:

If a colour sample is not supplied, Top Print  will not be held accountable for any colour difference between the expected colour and the actual printed copy, even if the job has been printed previously. On grouped run business cards no colour matching will be available.

All care is taken to ensure client supplied files are correct before printing. Top Print takers no responsibility for errors that may occur upon printing of client-supplied files. Printing prices / terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.


1. If you require a 30 day account please download a credit application. When completed please either fax back to 086 684 8492 or email to accounts at wilma@topprint.co.za

2. If you do not have a 30 day account, your job will be processed and an invoice will be email to you. Please arrange immediate payment of the account to enable your job to continue into production.

All invoices are payable in 30 days from date of invoice. If an invoice is not paid in full by the required date you may incur a late fee. Payment may be made in following ways EFT and cash.

Reprints and Credits

Any concerns about the printing or finishing of your printing must be raised with Top Print within 14 days of receipt of your goods. Reprints or credits will be given only due to printing or finishing errors. All care is taken to ensure client supplied files are correct before printing. Top Print takers no responsibility for errors that may occur upon printing of client-supplied files.


Delivery costs are not included in our print prices. If possible we shall endeavor to deliver the completed jobs out to your premises. If a job is required back to you before we can arrange delivery, we ask for you to arrange a courier for pick up or we can arrange our courier with the cost charged to you.

1 Invoicing/Payment

1. Credit application forms are available upon request. If a 30 day account is not set up payment is required COD

2. Payment can be made in the following ways EFT and cash.

3. If an invoice is not paid in full by the required date, you may incur an account-keeping fee.

Credit Application

Should you wish to take advantage of Top Print’s credit facility then please complete and return the following form (PDF download).